Retour aux choses essentielles

Installation 2018. Focusing on Africa and Venezuela, I aim at reasserting the value of their origins and their strong link to nature to help us understand better where we come from.

The process starts off with the research and study from a scientific perspective. Scientific approach relies on comparison to establish a database of knowledge. I take off from data to embrace reality and then rebuild a new, fictional narrative. The aim is to work with the Africa Museum’s collection and incorporate personal contributions made specifically for the project.

The full-fledged installation would follow a script of fragmented stories. Every piece has its own unique value and meaning and by assembling them together they make up new stories.

with the support of MRAC, Musée royal de l’Afrique centrale, Tervuren, Belgium

View of the exhibition at La Part du Feu, Brussels, Belgium, 2018
View of the exhibition at La Part du Feu, Brussels, Belgium 2018
NO IMAGE AVAILABLE. Photography, 100x75cm, image appeared during my research on the computer screen of the MRAC 2018
TAPARA. Dried fruit, elastic, wood, speaker inside, 24x106x21 2018
L’ARRIVÉE. The Arrival. Sand, wood, wire, stone, variable dimensión 2018
TROPHÉE. Trophy. Dry branches, paper, foam, cord, 114x50x13 2018
YOU. Photography, 52 x 70cm. Image appeared during my research in the computers of the MRAC
View of the exhibition. Empreinte / Footprint. Terracotta, aluminum molds, variable dimension.
EMPREINTE. Footprint. Uncooked earth, dough cup 1942, 33x23x7 2018
LA MEDIDA / THE MEASURE. Human skull, wood, glass 84x25x35 2018
PENDULES ET TAPARAS. Pendulum and taparas. Two shamanic stones, Peru. 5 dried fruits, wood, Venezuela, 94x98x12, variable size, 2018. These fruits come from Crescentia Cujete, a tree from the intertropical zone of the family of bignoniaceae, native to America. These fruits are used by ethnic groups to feed and drink. Object used by the artist as instrument in sound recordings.
SEAU ROUGE ET CHARBON. Red bucket and charcoal. Aluminum 32dx30. Bucket: Utility object made from materials recovered from roofs of rural houses, MRAC Collection. Wood and Charcoal: box used for presentation of biscuits, 1937.
Different objects on loan from the Africa Museum, Tervuren. Honda, bois, élastique 41x9x4, collection MRAC; Tabac
28x28x4 MRAC; Bal, plastic, 8∅ MRAC; El Tiraje / The Throw, bois, graines Peonias 57x11x5 personal objet.
PROTOTYPE PSYCHOLOGIQUE ET CONTENEURS. Psychological prototype and containers. Objects used for psychological testing purposes : Wood, glass 12x8x3 and Wood, acrylic 5,5×5,5×5. Plastic and aluminum containers: Objects used for rubber harvesting of palm, during the colonial period, MRAC collection. Tapara, dried fruit, 8×8. Plastic 11∅; 10∅ aluminum.
PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS. Single channel video projection, color, 01:02 min loop, 2018. Extract of film archive 1957, MRAC collection.

Congolese passage, indigenous trail. Snapshot of S. A. R. le Prince Léopold. Courtesy to the Belgium Royal Court.
111 x 211, 2018