Soul without Face

Soul without Face

review by Frédéric-Charles Baitinger – A ghost story for adults  – extract
“Just as Alice [of Wonderland] crossed through the ivory gates of her fantasy, Sabrina Montiel-Soto invites us to venture into an enchanting poetic world based on one sole idea: “When we dream, we live twice.” Using objects from our daily life as others play with childhood images, this Venezuelan artist’s works are not at all “ready-made,” but rather true metaphysical stories that call on people to reflect, explore and (re-)discover their meaning.”

review by Frédéric-Charles Baitinger – A ghost story for adults – english – pdf


Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, Miami, USA 2010


Chamánico e indiferente /Shamanic and indifferent. Glass, photography, 12x8x3cm


Las Almas perdidas / The lost Souls. Wood, thread, photography, 20x20x3,5cm


Vestigio de silencio en una tarde de verano / Trace of Silence on a summer afternoon. Photography, plaster, 11×13,5x2cm


Lisa y Mona / Lisa and Mona. Wood, puzzle, 20×15,5x2cm – 30x33x3cm


L’Entreprise / The Company. Plaster, wood, plastic 30x30x13cm

15_M_La sequia

La sequia / The drought. Wood, plastic 18x12x4cm

43_La Marre Noire_P

La Marrée Noire / The Oil Slick .Plaster, feathers. 8x17x25cm

56_La Cultivadora_01

La Cultivadora / The Cultivator. Seeds of apple, plastic 2,5x4x5cm


La recolta / The harvest. Wood, plaster 60x30x15cm


L’Assimilation / The Assimilation. Book, plaster 17x17x17cm

17_M_La watchwoman de la caja de ahorros_P

La watch-woman de la caja de ahorros / The watch-woman of the savings bank. Plastic, postcard 7×11,5x2cm

33_S_Dejando huella por los caminos verdes_01_P

Dejando huella por los caminos verdes / Leaving traces on the green paths. Plaster, wood, plastic 12x48x8cm


Soñando con palmeras verdes / Dreaming of palm trees. Glass, photography 8x12x3cm


Le dernier arbre / The last tree. Wood, ceramic, photography, plastic 9x23x13cm


Memorias de un invierno frío / Memories of a cold winter. Plastic, postcard, wood, 32x14x9cm


Voir l’invisible / To see the invisible. Wood, glass, plastic 19x18x3,5cm


Mudos / Mutes. Wood, plastic, 22x23x4cm


L’Introspection / The Introspection. Wood, ceramic, 23,5x27x6cm


El llamado / The call. Video 1’25 – featuring : Marco Montiel-Soto – Bavaria, Germany, 2010


La pereza del alma / The laziness of the soul. Video 4’48, Haute-Normandie, France 2010


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