“Six artists : Bianca Bondi (ZA), Ella de Burca (IE), Ghazel (IR), Roberta Gigante (IT), Sabrina Montiel-Soto (VE), Griet Van de Velde (BE),
coming from different parts of the world, at different stages of their careers, with something in common:
They are all strongly committed to their work and their time.
Their commitment is visible, discreet and solid.
They are Pillars, new ones.
They are exactly what we need now: a firm upright support for a superstructure.
With this show the curator wishes to rebuild our foundations.
This is what we need in order to exit the esemplastic time we all live in.
This is what Pillars wants to do”.
Pillars curated by Jota Castro

all images by Renato Ghiazza © 2017

DIRECTION. Wood, plastic, thread, 52 x 6 x 3cm, ed. 3

An objective, an approach, a simulation, a signage, a fiction, a game, the direction.

WALKING. 9 paintings, 9 stones and 9 wooden bars, 430 x 65 x 83

A trip is made going from one path to the other, leaving tracks and collecting traces as a testimony of our passage. The fragility of time and memory is supported by balance in these wooden bars. The red circles are sights, they are focus attention on what is not important. To look inside the circle is to observe another new landscape. There is not front or back, since all roads lead to one direction.

9 pictures abandoned or acquired in Brussels, which were restored and intervened. 9 stones from nine different places, each with its hidden powers.

Description of the stones :
1- Galapagos islands Ecuador
2- Jail of St. Omer France
3- Venice Italy
4- Fake stone USA (with hidden key)
5- Nazca Lines Peru
6- Rock of Aphrodite Cyprus
7- Machu Picchu Peru
8- Adícora Falcón Venezuela
9- Bruxelles Belgium.