L’Amour de ton Prochain

Video Installation by CALVACREATION 2011. Man has become a subject in a laboratory who were abused in both mental and physical experiment.

A man and a woman are detaching from self and levitating as if being weightless. 
They are there and looking at us.

“L’énergie atomique est à la mode…”

Love thy neighbor questions the relationship of men to each other. He is now an endangered species through synthetic mental manipulation, an atomic energy, climate change … Are we asking ourselves the right questions about life ?

Audiovisual Installation by Sabrina Montiel-Soto and Fabrice Croizé / CALVACREATION
Duration: + – 20 min loop / Composed of 5 video projections and sound spatialization.

Starring: Jos Houben and Marysol Blaumann
Sound composition: Sabrina Montiel-Soto and Peter Reinders
Production Calvacreation with the support of Racine de Trois Production, Sébastien Cochin; during an artistic residency at La Générale, Paris, France 2011