Función Desierta

12 min, 16 mm, couleur, Maracaibo, Venezuela 1994

Espacios vestidos de olvido y melancolía. Viejas arquitecturas que tratan de imponerse a viejos elogios, porque la historia ya no les pertenece.

Places dressed with forgetfulness and melancholy. Architectures trying to survive their own glamour of ancient times, as if history doesn’t belong to them anymore.

Man: Arturo Bottaro
Child: Wilson Vargas
Mechanical: Alvaro Barros et José Rojas

Written and Directed by Sabrina Montiel-Soto
Production: Arco Producciones
Productions Association: Gonzalo Parra y Manuel Rojas
Post-Production help: Fundacine
Assistant of Direction: Luis Gomez
Direction of Photography: Albert Frangieh
Sound and Mix: Manuel Rojas
Art Direction: Luis Gomez et Sabrina Montiel-Soto
Laboratory: Futuro Films
Images Projection: “Maria Candelaria” de Emilio Fernandez,1943
This films was finance with the help of the Alliance Française and Fundacine of Maracaibo